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Prices 1.1.2019 (euro, without VAT. free in Tornio)

- basic Crawler with one worker platform 4610.00

- second worker platform 1130.00



Crawler is a motorized lay-down working cart for all horticultural handwork.

Planting, weeding and harvesting is done by lying on padded supports: no strain in your knees or back!

Efficacy - comfort

Moving on the field is the hard part of the weeding or picking (weeds or strawberries are rather light!). On the Crawler you can lie on padded supports that suspend you over the crop row, while your both hands are free to work. Speed control and steering is done by foot pedals.   12 V electric motors make no noise, no fumes. Solar cells can be easily installed.


Technical data
- galvanized steel frame adjusts in width and height
- 12 V electric motor in every wheel
- runs 6-10 hrs on one battery charge
- speed control (0-8 m/min) and steering with foot pedals
- worker lies on adjustable pads
- weight without a battery 90 kg

- frame for a roof included
- easy assembly for transports (no tools needed)
- optional second worker platform,
- also wide (up to 12 m) models with automatic steering available.





We have also developed a special version of Crawler for forest plant production in greenhouses. 16-24 m wide greenhouses suffer from a weed problem as well and must be weeded normally twice every summer. Since the greenhouse is nearly full of seedling trays, hand weeding has been very time-consuming and physically hard work. With Crawler, even 8-fold weeding efficacy has been reached. Occupational injuries are now history.






Basic model with one or two worker platforms and 195 cm cross tubes, which make wheel trac up to 175 cm possible. Just with longer tubes, wheel track up to 250 cm possible.

In good conditions (even field, firm soil) even three workers can work on Crawler, when one worker is between the wheels, two on the sides. The distance between outermost workers can be up to 4 meters. Wheel track can freely adjusted.


Special cross tubes enable track width up to 5 meters. Limited track width adjustment, +/- 40 cm. If you need many different widths, several pairs of vross tubes are needed.

Track width up to 8 meters is OK, then crosstubes are specially constructed. Limited adjustments. See photographs above. Worker platforms are on ball bearings, very easy to slide sidewards. They can also be turned around 180 degrees without turning the whole machine. Only two workers.



Improves profits
In field trials, workers have weeded up to 35% faster compared to hand work. Planting speed has nearly doubled (30 min measurements). More important is the efficacy during late afternoon hours; you may continue longer without resting breaks. Crawler also reduces the risks for occupational injuries

Throughout the season
Crawler can be used through the summer: Eg. planting, weeding and harvesting of strawberries. Even two farms having different timing of hand work (e.g. different crops) can share one Crawler, since it's measures and light weight allow easy transport from a farm to another.


We have a video illustrating Weed Master and Crawler! This 14 min video shows major weed control options for organic vegetable production, as well as hand weeding and picking on Crawler. The sound is unfortunately in Finnish. The video is available as CD or through -service, where you can download it for free. Just email us, we will provice you a link or send a disc.




For steering, special sensing switches have been build: 26 cm wide "paths" are enough. Crawler senses trays and the worker has just the speed to control. Steering sensors work on single pot beds as well.

The widest model we have constructed until now is 12 m wide. For over 3 m wide models, the adjustment is somewhat limited, so the beam/frame must be custom build for your conditions (width of the bed).

The support (seat) can easily been turned 180 degrees vertically to facilitate easy turning at end of the greenhouse, you do not need to turn the whole Crawler. They are also easy to slide left and right even when lying on the "massage table". This is useful, when there is only few weeds to pick.

Price for a 4-8 m wide model including

- two seats, freely sliding left and right, turning 360 degrees

- steering sensors

varies from 5000-6000 euro, 8-12 m wide models 7000-9000 euro. Detailled information upon request.



Crawler can be built to different purposes. Below you will find some solutions; if they do not fit to your needs, please, contact us, and we will work out a solution for you.




Track widths 8-12 m need contstruction as drawn above. Worker platforms as above, one on each side.