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Picture above: selective (directed) flaming of onion sets.

Broadcast flamer is specially designed for pre-emergence flaming. 

Effective wind covers enable working during windy days as well. Burners can be mounted  also without wind protection cover for selective (directed) flaming of eg. onions, beets or cabbage.



Weed Master is a versatile tool carrier for seeding, planting, flaming, spraying and hoeing. It is specially designed for 0.1-2 ha vegetable fields. Within few minutes you can attach various weed control equipment in the same frame.





Row flamer (picture on left) has effective cover, that keeps the heat between the rows, without damaging the crop plant. Especially useful during rainy periods, when hoeing does not give satisfactory control. Suitable also for pre-emergence flaming on the row area, or for directed flaming.


Left below: The row at left has been treated two days before, the row at right is untreated. Both flamers have  effective covering against wind, that keeps the heat where the weeds are. All parts are made of galvanized or stainless steel. With Weed Master flamers, you are capable to treat 1-2 ha/day. Upon request, we can produce also special design to fit you particular need.