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Picture above: selective (directed) flaming of onion sets.

Broadcast flamer (picture on right) is specially designed for pre-emergence flaming. Hood keeps the heat close to ground and protects against cooling winds.

Effective wind covers enable working during windy days as well. Burners can be mounted  also without wind protection cover for selective (directed) flaming of eg. onions, beets or cabbage.



Weed Master is a versatile tool carrier for seeding, planting, flaming, spraying and hoeing. It is specially designed for 0.1-2 ha vegetable fields. Within few minutes you can attach various weed control equipment in the same frame.





Row flamer (picture on left) has effective cover, that keeps the heat between the rows, without damaging the crop plant. Especially useful during rainy periods, when hoeing does not give satisfactory control. Suitable also for pre-emergence flaming on the row area.


Left below: The row at left has been treated two days before, the row at right is untreated. Both flamers have  effective covering against wind, that keeps the heat where the weeds are. All parts are made of galvanized or stainless steel.


Both flamers have effective covering against wind, that keeps the heat where the weeds are. All parts are made of galvanized or stainless steel. With Weed Master flamers, you are capable to treat 1-2 ha/day. Upon request, we can produce also special design to fit you particular need.



Several different hoeing components can be attached to Weed Master frame. For fields sized under 0.5 ha Weed Master hoes are effective and economical choice. Versatile adjustments, logical steering and easily visible tools enable precise and effective hoeing.


Disc hoe (rolling shields) is specially designed to work close to the crop row. It does not move the soil in the row, first hoeing of sown vegatables (e.g. carrots) can be done as soon as the crop row is visible. It is easy to adjust for precise treatment. Very light to push. Even suitable of hilling on light soils.




Goosefoot hoe is the basic tool for hoeing. Weed Master hoe includes parallel linkage, cushion spring and a gang gauge wheel for depth control. Standard sweep is welded, flat 160 mm goosefoot hoe with straight 10x30 mm shank. Other sweeps, knives and wings available upon requeston.








Finger weeder fits to goosefoot hoe parallel linkage unit. Rubber fingers work also within the row between crop plants, which mostly makes all hand weeding of planted vegetables (cabbage, leek etc.) unnecessary. Normally area between the rows is first treated with goosefoot hoe, the row area thereafter with finger weeder.

Weed Master components and prices

(1.2.2009, euro without VAT, free in Kukkola).

For our foreign customers, some notes concerning the prices:

We are actively looking for dealers and distributors abroad. Although we give a small discount to them, they are often forced to charge higher prices to cover the costs of freight, mounting, advertise and demonstration as well as good advise, support, customs and possible local administrative fees . Since these are real costs, plerase respect their prices.

Frame (622.00)
galvanized steel, powder paint, fully adjustable to any row distance and worker size.

Broadcast flamer (1026.00/1210.00)
all galvanized or stainless, excellent wind protection, width 103 cm, two/three burners, includes also mounting for selective (directed) flaming, price includes all gas hosing, regulators and valves. 

Row flamer (1026.00)
stainless steel, two 20 cm wide burnes and covers, includes also mounting for selective (directed) flaming, price includes all gas hosing, regulators and valves

Bott flamers utilize same burners and gas valves and hosing. For 309.00 extra, you can have also Broadcast flamer hood on Row flamer or Row flamer hoods on Broadcast flamer.

Goosefoot hoe (450.00)
parallel linkage, cushion springs, versatile adjustments, includes 160 mm goosefoot sweeps (other sweeps, knives and wings available upon request)

Finger weeder complete 682.00, as an extra tool to goosefoot hoe parallel linkage 305.00

Disk hoe (rolling shields) (265.00)
Two 250 mm diameter discs, fully adjustable. Very precise, light to push!

Spraying equipment (639.00)
Beam 3.0 m, working width 3.5 m, 25 l liquid tank, 12V electric pump

Seeding machine Earthway (220.00)
Versatile lightweight seeder, cushion spring, 11 different seeding plates

Seeding machine Bassi (685.00)
Solid all-metal seeder, price includes 3 different seed wheels and 3 gears.


We have made a video illustrating Weed Master and Crawler! This 14 min viedeo sows major weed control options for organic vegetable production, as well as hand weeding and picking on Crawler. The video is available as  CD, which is compatible with DVD players and all Windows-computers (operating system 98 or higher, MediaPlayer software). The sound is unfortunately only in finnish.

If you are interested, we can send the CD to you for free.

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